Cyberport Venture Capital Forum 2009

Cyberport Venture Capital Forum (CVCF) was first launched in 2004 to provide a unique two-way platform for the entrepreneurs and investors to share insights and explore challenges. CVCF has become a key signature event of Hong Kong Cyberport, connecting the local and global investors and entrepreneurs in the creative ICT and digital media industries in a focused one-day format each year. 


CVCF 2009

The creative business sector often embraces groundbreaking business models and marketing strategies. Since the dotcom era in the late 90’s, the creative industries have not only evolved and thrived but also changed the dynamics of traditional business. Companies like Skype for example, have entered the communications market by driving the cost of telephony to zero. Companies like Facebook, Google, Netflix, Clearwire, and YouTube are all examples of companies which changed the gestalt of global media business and at the same time changed the world. These creative companies were all first financed by private angel investors. The theme of CVCF 2009 is “Finding Perfect Angels: Early Stage Investors Backing Creative Start-ups”. We will invite angel investors and entrepreneurs who have gone through the crucial start-up stage of a creative business to share their insight and experience, and highlight how they can work together to develop and build innovative company that can succeed and thrive.